Specific Solution Process

Specific Solution Process

Feb 21, 2019

1. Responsible person for maintenance, normally fill in the stop power transmission notice cell.

The electrician on duty should register in the record book.

3. State before power failure of high voltage cabinet.

4. Disconnect and extract the high voltage cabinet, and hang safety locks on site.

5. Power off and lock the high-voltage cabinet. The information of the person in charge of maintenance shall be filled in the lock identification row.

6. Hand over the safety lock key to the person in charge of maintenance on site.

7. When power is transmitted, the last lock must be confirmed by the shift supervisor or inspection workers on site before it can be unlocked.

8. Confirm with the central control operator before power transmission.

9. Release the lock after confirmation.

10. Status after the lock is removed.

11. Put the locks in place neatly.

12. Record and fill in the form after power transmission.