Spring Safety Production Activities

Spring Safety Production Activities

Jan 26, 2019

Spring safety production activities to achieve "fine, professional, long"

Spring safety production activities to achieve "fine, professional, long". In the rest activities of strengthening "safety first, life first", safety activities should be diversified in forms. Everyone should be a good safety speech teacher and a good safety leader, so that the safety activities can attract each employee, and the safety activities can achieve real results. Spring inspection does not have to be limited to the inspection of the lower level, but also through the changes in the way, the rich carrier, to promote safety, improve safety.

1, spring inspection, to be specific, to check the list of items, check a, supervision of a, acceptance of a. As a power supply enterprise, in the spring inspection process to make a surprise, go through the formalities is must not, must do a specific line, list the plan details, check the project, today check what, check which line, check which equipment, must be specific and clear. Spring for the discovery of problems in the process of inspection, rectification and implementation, and shall be responsible for special inspection, the specialist is responsible for rectification, the clear responsibility, right and benefit, to facilitate inspection work, task to promote the efficiency of implement and, who found who oversee, whoever issues rectification, effectively avoid a problem no one found that problem was found nobody to rectification, and pushback from each other.

Spring inspection should be carried out for a long time, from the end of winter to the eve of summer. The hidden dangers and defects in the operation of power grid can not be solved only by the spring inspection activity of ten days and half a month. As a spring inspection activity with strong pertinence, great strength and powerful organization, it must be carried out for a long time to fully mobilize the safety awareness of all the staff.

3, spring inspection, to be careful, including each field, each voltage level, each production link. As we all know, safety risks often appear in places that are hard for the human eye to find, and accidents often occur in places that are easy for people to ignore. For county-level power supply enterprises, the low-voltage field is often the fault prone area, but also lead to safety accidents, foreign personal injury is the main factor. Because the high voltage line is very clear, at a glance, usually patrol convenience, hidden trouble found in a timely manner, is also timely; Low voltage line is because the point is much, face is wide, line is long, involve to thousands of families, far away from home, in perambulate process easy oversight. In addition, due to the change of user address, aging of the underfire line, the increase of power load, the reduction of insulation degree and other factors, higher requirements are put forward for the safe operation of our 110kv line, which must also be meticulous during the spring inspection.