State Laws And Regulations On Production Safety

State Laws And Regulations On Production Safety

Mar 30, 2019

Tertiary education:

Company: 1. The company's production safety situation and basic knowledge of production safety;

2. Rules and regulations and labor discipline;

3. Rights of employees in yiwu

4. Relevant accident cases.

Department: 1. Department situation and system; 2.

2. Working environment and risk factors;

3. Possible occupational injuries and casualties;

4. Self-help and mutual aid, first aid methods, evacuation and on-site emergency treatment;

6. Use and maintenance of safety equipment and facilities and personal protective equipment;

7. Measures to prevent accidents and occupational hazards and safety precautions;

8. Relevant accident cases.

Team and team: 1.

2. Safety and occupational health issues related to the connection between posts;

3. Case time: company, department and team