Steps To Implement Energy Isolation

Steps To Implement Energy Isolation

Aug 27, 2020

Steps to implement energy isolation

6. Partial disability

By adding secondary energy isolators downstream of the primary energy isolator, energy may be segmented into different components, devices, regions, or operating units from an operational and safety perspective. While allowing required partial operations, loops, or translocations, the user may only need to secure a portion of the area to meet operational and maintenance requirements.

7. Control stored energy

Residual energy, stored energy or potential energy in potential danger shall be released, terminated, restricted or otherwise controlled.

8. Quarantine verification

Between the commencement of work on a machine that has been locked or listed, the authorized person shall verify that energy isolation and incapacitation have been completed.

9. Resume operation

The work area should be inspected to ensure that unnecessary items have been removed and are in good condition and that all personnel are in a safe position.

Before restoring the power of the machine, persons who may have been affected or returned to use should be alerted.

Each locking device or listing device in the energy isolation device shall be removed by the authorized person of the original locking listing.

After removal of the locking device or hangtag, before starting the machine, a person who may be affected by these actions is informed that the locking device or hangtag has been removed.