Summary Of Behavioral Safety Observations

Summary Of Behavioral Safety Observations

Jan 26, 2021

Summary of behavioral safety observations

Excellent safety behavior observation skills

In principle, observations should not be recorded in front of employees

When observing, focus on good safety behaviors

Observe the employee's work before starting the discussion

Should fully communicate with the staff, communication, spend some time to create a relaxed, happy atmosphere, can not be eager to achieve

When communicating with employees, they should consult or inquire, and the discussion should be guided by certain skills, rather than by coercive and instructive methods

Employees should be encouraged to make recommendations for safety improvements and record them in writing

Encourage and praise employees who respect rules and regulations, strictly follow operating procedures, etc

Appreciate the employee's active participation in discussions and suggestions for improvement

In principle, observations should not be used as a basis for penalizing employees

Management should be actively involved in communicating safety issues with employees

Safety behavior observation is boring

Senior management has little involvement in the work

Not engaging employees

Behavioral safety observation and communication are for safety purposes only

Do not combine it with other department inspections

Use the "cops catch thieves" method

Failure to communicate results to employees

There was a lack of discussion among management levels

Failure to follow up or participate in documenting problem correction or behavior changes

Use the observations for punishment

They are talking about specific issues rather than security