Tag Content Must Be Mandatory

Tag content must be mandatory

In the program of domestic a few enterprises, or in the training data that a few Lockout tagout, often can appear such regulation, when locking namely, must hang out a shingle; The warning sign must indicate the reason for the Lockout tagout, the date of the Lockout tagout, and the expected completion date; Warning signs cannot be reused. However, in my opinion, these regulations not only add complexity to the maintenance and repair personnel who often need to Lockout tagout, but also have no practical significance to Lockout tagout itself and cannot be used as a hard and fast regulation, and there is no similar regulation in OSHA standard. The OSHA standard defines "locks" and "hangings" clearly: if an energy isolation device can be fitted with a lock, it must be locked; If the energy isolating device cannot be fitted with a lock, it must be hung up. Of course, the joint use of warning boards and locks can also be seen in enterprises at home and abroad, but it should not be a hard and fast regulation, nor should there be such hard and fast regulations as "warning boards must specify Lockout tagout reason, Lockout tagout date, expected completion date" and "warning boards cannot be reused".