The 125th Canton Fair

The 125th Canton Fair

Apr 13, 2019

After the cold winter, the spring breeze blows

Guangzhou, with its scorching sun and scorching heat, is an international exhibition

The 125th Canton fair

April 15-19

Guangzhou pazhou international convention and exhibition center (pazhou exhibition hall)

The curtain is about to rise!

Rocco booth number: 15.3B42

About the Canton fair

China Import and Export commodities Fair (English: The China Import and Export Fair) The guangzhou trade Fair, or Canton Fair, founded in The spring of 1957, during The spring and autumn every year held in guangzhou, China is currently The longest history, highest level, largest and most complete variety of commodity, number and distribution of nationality to purchaser and The clinch a deal The effect of The best comprehensive international trade event, known as "China's no.1".

It is composed of 50 trading groups, and thousands of foreign trade companies, production enterprises, scientific research institutes, foreign investment/wholly-owned enterprises and private enterprises with good credit standing and strong strength are participating.  

Loco's exhibited products include various types of safety padlocks, valve locks, circuit breaker locks, electrical locks, hasp locks, cable locks, lock management stations, warning signs, group co-lock boxes, lock sets and other safety locks.

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