The Basic Concept Of Security Management

The Basic Concept Of Security Management

May 04, 2020

The basic concept of security management

First safety awareness first safety investment + first safety responsibility first establishment of rules and regulations first + first delay and prevention first supervision and law enforcement first.

Safety in production:

Refers to the labor process in accordance with the safety requirements of the material conditions and work order, to prevent casualties, equipment accidents and a variety of disasters, to protect the safety and health of the workers and the normal process of production and all activities.

Safety management:

Based on the laws, regulations, regulations and technical standards of the state, all means shall be taken to effectively restrict the safety of the production and business operation activities of the production and business operation entities.

Industrial injury: also known as occupational injury, refers to the laborer (worker) in the work or other professional activities due to accident injury and occupational disease caused by disability and death.

"Bylaws on industrial injury insurance" published in 2003, article 16 stipulates: one of the following circumstances, shall not be identified as industrial injury or regarded as industrial injury.

(1) causing death or injury due to a crime or violation of the administration of public security.

2. Drunkenness leads to casualties.

3. Self-mutilation or suicide.