The Difference Between Safety Padlock And Ordinary Civil Padlock

The Difference Between Safety Padlock And Ordinary Civil Padlock

Jul 24, 2017

The difference between Safety Padlock and ordinary civil padlock

Safety Padlock is one of the security locks, Safety Padlock are usually divided into padlock, electrical switch lock, electric plug locks, lock, valve locks of breaker and wire lock and so on, are usually Safety Padlock is used with other security locks, Safety Padlock can be used alone, and other Safety Padlock are not, so Safety Padlock application is very extensive, market demand is very big.

Safety Padlock with the function of management, a padlock can match multiple keys, the keys due to the different functions and authority, so divided into multiple, often these keys of Safety Padlock key management system: can't open the key series: the Safety Padlock is the only key to every, between lock and lock can not open each other; Open key series: all Safety Padlocks and safety padlocks can be opened in the group. Any one or several keys can open all the padlocks in the group. You can specify multiple groups, which cannot be opened between groups. Different open master key series: specify the group inside the Safety Padlock dominate the only key to every, Safety Padlock with Safety Padlock can not open, but there is a master key to open the padlock within the set of all security; Can be customized multiple groups, the master key cannot be opened between groups, but can specify a higher main main main key to open all groups of padlocks; In the same series of key series: after the key series of the group, if you need to specify a high level supervisor to open all groups, you can add the key to the key.

Many have not contact with safety lock customers have such you ask, Safety Padlock and general padlock exactly have what distinction, use what we should pay attention to during the process, here we introduce you to Safety Padlock and general civilian padlock difference:

1. The safety padlock is similar to the ordinary civil padlock, but there are many differences between the safety padlock and the ordinary civil padlock.

2. Safety padlock is generally plastic of ABS engineering, while civil padlock is generally metal;

3. The main purpose of safety padlock is to warn against theft, and the main purpose of common civil padlock is to prevent theft.

4. The lock beam with Safety Padlock cannot be automatically opened and has key function, while the ordinary civil padlock is the opposite;

5. Common civil padlock is usually a lock with a key, while the security padlock can be matched with multiple keys, which can be divided into management locks and common locks.

6. Safety padlocks are often exposed to acid and alkaline environments and require special treatment, while general civilian padlocks are generally not used.

According to the professional institutions, according to a survey in all industrial accident, do not have the right to the use of 10% of the accident in Safety Padlock are locked up, with 250000 cases per year on average and safety lock unlocked for industrial accidents, accidents in a year on average more than 200 people were killed, more than 60000 people injured, the number of days each year because of the cause of the accident cause enterprise production for 24 days. Because of this, OSHA in the United States promulgated a regulation on hazardous energy control (listing) on September 1, 1989. The regulation requirements in the industrial production environment, all of the power supply, all needs to "Lock up" (the Lock Out/Tag Out) can only be for equipment maintenance and repair work, otherwise it may happen pneumatic machinery accident or release of hazardous energy and cause harm.

Safety Padlock the main role is to lock device or power source, make the homework personnel in the maintenance of equipment or power source, can effectively control the energy release, prevent the occurrence of accidents, in order to ensure the safety of the workers.