The Importance Of Safety Culture

The Importance Of Safety Culture

Jun 29, 2018

    From birth to old age, people have been consistently emphasized to be safe. Thus, we have several questions about it:

What is safety?

What is the essence of safety?

Why should we be safe?

How can we achieve safety?


    In a nutshell, the above problems can be summarized as one question: "what kind of knowledge and behavior are we safe?"

    Generally speaking, man can be thinking and problem solving as well as rationally recognizes the reality we face. Only in this way can we consciously adopt safe cognition and behavior and change unsafe cognition and behavior. Good management of family, good management of enterprises, good management of society could be the basis of social safety system. What's more, the social safety system is more of a safety culture, which cannot be developed at will.

    Safety culture is the foundation and the eternal power of human sustainable development. The sustainable development is also one part of scientific development to develop continually and steadily, to solve these problems, considering as the foundation and power of practice.

    We should improve the safety awareness and behavior of the whole society by learning safety culture, cultivating safety culture, and improving the safety will, consciousness, knowledge and skills of the whole nation. Increasing willingness and awareness ultimately leads to better behavior. This behavior is not just ones, but the general behavior of the whole society.

    It is urgent, arduous and long work to learn safety culture, cultivate safety culture, and improve everyone's safety willingness, consciousness, knowledge and skills. Not only for individuals, families and enterprises, but for our society and country, it's of great importance for us to foster our safety culture right now.