The LOTO Program Should Include All The Following Elements

The LOTO Program Should Include All The Following Elements

Oct 26, 2019

The LOTO program should include all the following elements:

Identification of machines, equipment, processes or circuits;

Type and size of energy source (380V power, 90 PSI gas pressure);

List all required energy isolation equipment;

Detailed procedures for achieving a zero energy state (closing machines, energy isolation, securing and protecting machines, equipment, processes and circuits to control hazardous energy; Release stored electrical energy, kinetic energy or potential energy);

Complete the detailed program steps of "test" or "confirm" to ensure that the machine, equipment, process and circuit are in a completely zero energy state;

Detailed procedures for placing, removing, and transferring locked or labeled equipment and the responsibilities of the appropriate personnel.

Regular inspection

Energy control procedures are reviewed annually and certified by the health and safety and environmental coordinator.

Energy control procedures (equipment-specific energy control procedures) must be checked for each machine or type of machine.

The inspection shall include an examination of the locking duties of each individual authorized to lock the machine or device.

The inspector must be authorized to execute the locking procedure being examined. However, the inspector cannot review her on the locking procedure. However, the inspector may not review her use of the locking program.

Any deviations or deficiencies detected should be addressed immediately.