The Main Cause Of Accidents In Chemical Enterprises

The Main Cause Of Accidents In Chemical Enterprises

Feb 28, 2019

The equipment is in poor technical condition and in serious disrepair

Chemical enterprises have many equipment and complex pipelines. In addition, they neglect the safety management of equipment in the production process, which makes the equipment overdue and aging and poses a major threat to the safety production.

Employee quality is poor, violate rules and regulations phenomenon is serious

The key to the safe production of enterprises lies in whether the leaders at all levels consciously abide by rules and regulations and pay attention to safety. A large number of facts have proved that many leading cadres fail to properly handle the relationship between safety and production and fail to do so in accordance with the "five simultaneous tasks", resulting in accidents. The poor quality of workers is also one of the main reasons. Main performance: lack of due chemical industry and safety knowledge, violations of the rules and discipline phenomenon is serious, increased the unsafe factors in the production process.

The organizational system is not implemented

Due to the insufficient understanding of the leading cadres of the enterprise on the safety of production, safety organization for implementation, resulting in increased frequency of accidents. Its main performance: 1. 2. The security organ is not set up or operated or fails to function properly; 3. The safety responsibility system of all departments and personnel has not been implemented; The safety regulations of production operation are not perfect.