The Main Content Of Staff Safety Production Responsibility

The Main Content Of Staff Safety Production Responsibility

May 06, 2020

The main content of staff safety production responsibility

1. Consciously abide by the rules and regulations of production safety and labor discipline, do not operate in violation of regulations, and stop others from operating in violation of regulations at any time.

2. Comply with relevant equipment maintenance regulations.

3. Take care of and properly use machines, equipment and tools, and properly wear protective equipment.

4. Concerned about safety in production and put forward reasonable Suggestions to relevant leaders or departments.

5. Report to the team leader or relevant departments in time if any hidden danger or unsafe factors are found.

In case of industrial accidents, it is necessary to rescue the injured and protect the scene in time, report to the leaders and assist in the investigation;

Work hard to learn and master the safety knowledge and skills, and master the operation procedures and safety operation rules of this type of work;

Actively participate in various safety activities, firmly establish the "safety first" thought and self-protection awareness;

Have the right to refuse to violate the rules and regulations and force dangerous operation, responsible for individual production safety.