The Management Of Safety Padlocks And Safety Tags

The Management Of Safety Padlocks And Safety Tags

Jul 13, 2018

When adopting the procedure of Lockout/Tagout, you have to know something about the management of safety padlocks and safety tags.

Personal padlocks and keys shall be kept by individuals and the names of users shall be marked. Personal lockout shall not be borrowed from each other.

Collective lockout shall indicate the equipment name, number, date and reasons or the lockout system on the lockout list when locking in the group lockout box, and the padlock and key shall have a unique corresponding number. The collective lockout shall be kept in a centralized place for easy access.

The design of safety warning tags should have a distinctive difference from other tags. Safety warning tags should include standard language such as”Danger”,”Do not operate”,” Unauthorized removal is not allowed” and so on. It also should indicate the name of worker, contact information, lockout date, isolation point and reason for locking. What we should pay attention is the safety warning tags can not be altered. It can only be used once and can meet the requirement of lockout environment and time limit.

Safety warning tags should be destroyed in a concentrated way once it was used to avoid misuse. It shall not be used for any purpose other than to indicate the lockout isolation points controlling hazardous energy and materials.