The Meaning Of Implementing Lockout Tagout Management

The Meaning Of Implementing Lockout Tagout Management

Jun 06, 2019

The meaning of implementing Lockout tagout management

Comply with national laws and regulations. Such as "law of the People's Republic of China on production safety" and other laws and regulations related to production safety, strengthen the management of production safety, establish and improve the responsibility system for production safety, improve the conditions of production safety, and ensure production safety.

2. A large number of accidents prove that: most of the injuries in the production process are caused by unlockout tagout. 10% of equipment is pneumatic by others; 5% fail to control potential energy; Most of the other five percent were due to energy shutdowns that were not confirmed to be effective.

How to implement the locking and listing management

1. Establish and promote organization

In order to enable the implementation of the tool, two organizational structures, corporate and factory level loto project leadership groups, were established to enhance leadership and provide resources; At the same time, the LOTO propulsion technical group was set up to quickly solve technical problems encountered in the process of propulsion.