The Tag Is Used In Conjunction With The Safety Lock And Padlock

The Tag Is Used In Conjunction With The Safety Lock And Padlock

Jan 10, 2019

Every day when we talk about tags, we think of the small signs on clothes, bags, locks and other products we buy in stores. Although the tag design is exquisite, but printed are often very meaningful. A small tag accessories, not only to show raw materials, prices and other information, and its quality is related to the quality of an enterprise and consumer service attitude. Therefore, the production of the tag is of vital importance. Of course, the selection of appropriate printing and post-processing equipment can fully maximize the production efficiency of the enterprise and achieve twice the result with half the effort.  

Hangtags are used in conjunction with safety locks and padlocks to comply with OSHA regulations and requirements on lock hangers. In addition to the materials used, the printing and processing methods selected for the production of the tag also affect the production quality of the tag. Therefore, the choice of tag making technology and production equipment is also crucial. In the face of a variety of hangtag materials, we suggest that the most common application is card, coated paper, PVC, etc., and these materials are relatively large grams, often in 200gsm above, the use of thermal printing laser printer can not afford to print such a thick material, and the quality of ink jet can not meet the requirements of the fine tag printing production.

After the screening and test of the market, China has found that the laser printer with cold and warm technology can well meet the high quality printing requirements of heavy tags, such as ST1865R medium speed continuous paper black and white laser printer, which has been relatively mature in the application of the tag market, and the market awareness and recognition are also gradually improving. In addition, in the era of "environmental protection first and health first", ST1865R is more professional and humane. All of them are made of environment-friendly materials and have passed the Rosh certification. Besides, their stable operation and low noise ensure the safety and environmental protection of the production environment as well as the physical and mental health of the operators to the greatest extent.