Three Stops And Lock Out Tag Out

Three Stops And Lock Out Tag Out

Oct 20, 2020

In the process of equipment autonomous security, Huang Tengfei personally implemented the safety operation standards of "three stops" and "Lock out Tag out", and carried out "KY" confirmation before the operation. In the activity, the host operator Xu Chaoyang took the rag to open the host protective cover and carefully wiped the internal components of the host. Again and again, and again and again, until the original color. Huang Tengfei and Chen Xuelei at the other end of the main engine checked and wiped the other parts of the main engine. They "carpet treasure hunt" homework, never let go of any dead corner. The caster picks up sand and iron from the track with a shovel. In this process, we give full play to the role of concerted efforts and team wisdom, and strive to use the most efficient way to achieve the best cleaning effect, in order to ensure the normal operation of the automatic line and pouring car.


In each operation area and every employee who participated in the activity, we all tried our best to do the on-site "5S" work well. Because we all know that only good equipment can produce good products efficiently. It is of great significance for the workshop to carry out this special activity by taking advantage of the gap time between single three shifts of work. It is also everyone's responsibility and obligation to maintain a good working environment and do a good job in the independent management of equipment. Tiredness is nothing. Busy time always flies especially fast, in the process of sweat we also gained a lot. With the help of the maintenance team, spot check problem points are solved one by one. The environment around the site and workshop is completely new.