To Complete The Unlock

To Complete The Unlock

Aug 01, 2019

To complete the unlock

Confirm the completion of maintenance work -- -- maintenance personnel unlock and disassemble -- -- inform process heat source maintenance is completed -- -- process personnel check and accept -- -- process personnel unlock and disassemble.

Unlock notes - personal locks

Unlocking should be based on the principle of solving the collective lock after the individual lock.

After the operator completes the operation, contact the personal lock. After confirming that all operators have released the personal lock, the guardian of the territorial unit shall release the personal lock

The lockholder of a territorial unit must be the last to remove a lock from a personal lock.

Unlock notes - collective lock

When designing isolation of electric and instrument, the territorial units shall provide collective locking keys to electric and instrument professionals, who shall unlock the locks.

Operators remove individual locks from collective lockers.

When all the construction units of the lock removed, repair, maintenance work is completed.

After confirming that the equipment and system meet the operation requirements, the territorial unit shall release the collective lock on site according to the list of locking tags.

The person in charge of the territorial unit is the last person to solve the collective lock box.