Train, Implement, Audit/review LOTO Tools

Train, Implement, Audit/review LOTO Tools

Jun 08, 2019

Train, implement, audit/review LOTO tools

1. Train LOTO tools

In order to save resources and improve results, training is done in several steps. Firstly, select several engineers or equipment managers who have a deep understanding of equipment to attend the training of LOTO champion held by the representative office of the headquarters; By its own LOTO champion in the company internal training factory level LOTO professional engineers; After training, LOTO specialists and authorized personnel in each factory can effectively evaluate, and only after passing the theory and practice examination (above 90 points) can they obtain the corresponding authorization certificate/qualification, otherwise they cannot engage in training or perform Lockout tagout. Authorized employees refer to those who perform Lockout and tagout service or maintenance operations on machinery and equipment and who have been trained, examined and authorized to perform Lockout and tagout.

2. Execute the LOTO tool

3. However, the technical team completed the investigation of the energy source of all the equipment on the site, compiled the LOTO sign, and completed the transformation of some energy cutting devices that needed to be transformed. When LOTO management can be implemented in every place, LOTO sign/label will be posted on the site, and corresponding locks, locks and hangtags will be purchased and issued to the units and individuals that need them. When authorized employees need to carry out dangerous areas of equipment maintenance, they shall strictly follow the LOTO knowledge, use LOTO locks, locks and hangings to strictly execute the nine steps of LOTO to ensure the correct execution.