Turn On The Line/device For Energy Isolation

Turn On The Line/device For Energy Isolation

Nov 17, 2020

Line/equipment open

(I) Pipeline/equipment opening: means any operation that alters the integrity of the closed pipeline or equipment and its accessories in any way.

(2) Hot tapping: refers to a technique in which a branch pipe fitting is connected to a pipeline or equipment in use by means of mechanism or welding, and an opening is created on the pipeline or equipment by drilling or cutting.

Pipeline/equipment opening mode

Pipeline/equipment shall be opened in the following ways (including but not limited to) :

(1) Untie the flange.

(2) Remove one or more bolts from the flange.

(III) Open the valve cover or remove the valve.

(4) Replace the 8 word blind.

(5) Open the pipeline fittings.

(6) Remove the blind plate, blind flange, plug and pipe cap.

(vii) Disconnect the pipelines of the instrument, lubrication and control system, such as the pressure primer and lubricating oil pipe, etc.

Disconnect the temporary feeding and unloading pipelines (including hoses connected in any manner).

(9) to penetrate the pipelines mechanically or otherwise.

(10) Open the inspection hole.

(xi) Minor adjustments (e.g. replacement of valve packing).

(12) Others.

Prepare pipeline/equipment before opening operation

Risk analysis

Prior to the opening of pipelines/equipment, the territorial unit shall jointly confirm the work contents and conduct risk assessment with the operating unit. According to the result of risk assessment, formulate corresponding control measures, and determine whether the operation unit is required to prepare safety work plan and emergency plan. The safety work programme shall include the following main elements:

(I) The cleaning plan shall specifically describe the position of the closed valve, emptying point, locking point and blind plate, etc., and shall provide schematic diagram when necessary;

(2) Safety measures, including cooling measures, nitrogen filling measures, personal protective equipment and necessary fire fighting equipment during the opening of pipelines/equipment;

(iii) Describe the area affected by the opening of pipelines/equipment and control personnel access;

(4) other relevant contents.