Type Of Power Cut-off Device

Type Of Power Cut-off Device

May 16, 2020

Type of power cut-off device

Valve blind plate circuit breaker switch electrical plug fuse

Set up their own signs or symbols

All motors, actuators, buttons, and electrical isolators should be marked or marked with a name or device number to facilitate proper equipment locking and isolation verification using actuators or buttons.

The isolation device can be locked and attached

The associated energy isolators shall be designed to be locked and attached when major repairs are being carried out, equipment systems are being extended, and new equipment is being installed.

Sign - white personal danger sign

Functions and instructions

Identify the person Loto is protecting;

Indicate when the equipment is in a stop state.

The personal tag must accompany the personal lock and be bolted to the isolation device.

When the energy isolation device cannot be locked, a personal label must be attached to the alarm and padlocks should be considered on other detachable energy points.

Label -- yellow label for equipment danger

Functions and instructions


Avoid unsafe operation of machinery and equipment;

Identify the equipment under maintenance condition and transfer it to the next team

Identify equipment that may be damaged if operated

Identify which new devices or machines are intended to be connected to the power source


Yellow device warning signs do not provide personal protection

Yellow equipment warning signs can only be removed by a listed employee or another authorized employee

Authorized staff must fill in the label carefully

Sign - blue group danger sign

Functions and instructions

When performing a complex LOTO procedure, the supervisor or other authorized person shall attach the group LOTO label to all isolated lockers

Blue tags can only be used for group personal security

The blue group LTV badge indicates that the equipment of LTV is being maintained by more than one person