Steps to implement energy isolation

Steps to implement energy isolation

Aug 25, 2020

Steps to implement energy isolation

1. Prepare to close

Prepare protective materials and hardware, determine notification issues, and assess the consequences of equipment shutdowns.

2. Inform relevant personnel

Notify persons who may be affected by machine shutdowns before and after installing or removing the lock/tag.

3. Shut down the machine

To shut down or incapacitate a machine in accordance with operating procedures.

4. Isolation of machines

All energy isolation devices used to control the energy required for the completion of a predetermined task of the machine shall ensure that the machine is isolated from the energy.

For complex machines, where it is necessary to isolate the power or movement of specific components while maintaining the power supply to the control system, auxiliary equipment, and other devices and components, locatable area energy isolators should be used.

5. Use of locking or hanging devices

The locking or hanging device shall be attached to each energy isolation device by an authorized person.

When a locking device is used, ensure that the energy isolation device is kept in a safe or closed position.

The hangtag shall be used so that it clearly indicates that the operation or movement of the energy isolation device in a safe or closed position is prohibited.

When the hangtag is used together with the lockable energy isolation device, the hangtag of the hangtag shall be fixed at the locking position of the energy isolation device.

If the hangtag cannot be attached directly to the energy isolation device, it should be placed as close as possible to the energy isolation device and in a safe place so that it can be seen immediately by anyone attempting to operate the machine. In addition, a hangtag should be set up in the control position of the operator to remind the staff that the machine is in a disabled state.