Unauthorized Entry Into The Equipment

Unauthorized Entry Into The Equipment

Mar 18, 2020

Unauthorized entry into the equipment

In May 2003, adsorption regional operators with a factory in bladder molding equipment operation, under the condition of without telling anyone, from the bile station to adsorption machine hob ladder at the back of the suitable internal pore place into the normal operation of equipment, was running mold choke in the head, equipment failure alarm is discovered by supervisors, taken to a hospital, after the rescue invalid death.

Cause of accident:

1. Without informing anyone, the deceased guo connected the bile station of the adsorption machine to the back of the adsorption machine and penetrated into the running equipment from the iron frame ladder pore at the back, which resulted in the head being crushed by the running mold and was the direct cause of the accident.

2. The indirect causes of the accident are the poor safety awareness of the operators, the weak on-site safety supervision and management, and the delay in the investigation and punishment of illegal operation.

Accident liability:

1. The accident was caused by guo's own violation of regulations, and he is the victim of the accident and the main responsible person for the accident;

2. The safety training of safety officer ma was not in place, and the situation of on-site personnel was out of control, resulting in the accident. To remove the post of ma laid-off treatment, veto the monthly salary;

3. Monitor jia lost control of supervision over employees, which led to the accident, removed and laid off jia, and denied the monthly salary;

4. Geng, the department head, is responsible for the main leadership if he fails to carry out on-site safety management. Geng, the department head, is dismissed and laid off.

5. Branch factory safety officer gao mou of the department of safety education, on-site supervision of the staff is not in place, gao mou removed from the post and laid off, veto the processing of monthly wages.

6. The unemployment ministry is in charge of the minister of wang, the minister of public undertakings is responsible for the leadership responsibility, give administrative economic punishment.

The accident warning

1. Operating personnel should work in accordance with the rules and regulations and equipment operation procedures under any circumstances, and should not take any chances.

2. In this case, the operating rule of the adsorption machine should be to cut off the power first, and the responsible person should be responsible for on-site monitoring before entering the internal work of the device. Guo did not operate in accordance with the rules, in the case of no power, in order to notify anyone into the equipment, resulting in the accident.

3. All units should study and improve the technical measures to prevent accidents, improve the essential safety of high equipment from the aspects of equipment, facilities, technology and so on.