Unauthorized Entry Into The Equipment Causes An Accident

Unauthorized Entry Into The Equipment Causes An Accident

Mar 16, 2019

On May 29, 2003, the operators in the adsorption area of a factory drilled into the normally running equipment from the bile station to the gap of the iron frame ladder at the back of the adsorption machine when operating the liner forming equipment without telling anyone.

Cause of accident:

1. Without telling anyone, the dead man connected the bile station of the adsorber to the back of the adsorber, and drilled into the running equipment from the gap of the iron frame ladder at the back, resulting in the head being crushed by the running mold, which is the direct cause of the accident.

2. Poor safety awareness of operators, ineffective on-site safety monitoring and management, and late investigation and punishment of illegal operations are indirect causes of the accident.

Accident warning:

1. Operators should work in accordance with rules and regulations and equipment operating procedures under all circumstances, and should not take any chances.

2. In this case, the operation rules of the adsorber shall be that the power shall be cut off first, and the responsible person shall be responsible for on-site monitoring before entering the equipment for internal work. The operator entered the equipment without power cut and without informing anyone, resulting in the accident.

3. All units shall study and improve the technical measures to prevent accidents, improve and improve the essential safety of equipment from the aspects of equipment, facilities and technology, etc., and rely solely on regulations and law enforcement supervision. Similar accidents may occur.