Use Lockout Hasp Not To Move At High Speed

Use Lockout Hasp Not To Move At High Speed

Sep 28, 2017

With the gradual decline in temperature, rain and snow climate will continue to add, the road ice lockout Hasp situation is also more increased, here on the winter use of Lockout Hasp notes made a brief introduction, hope the broad owner to pay attention.
With Lockout Hasp: no high speed
Lockout Hasp the effect of each car owners are not unfamiliar, but the car Lockout Hasp have to mention is that Lockout Hasp's fatal place that is not tires Lockout Hasp to high-speed road, the highway should pay particular attention to, or Lockout Hasp no Any effect, usually the speed of travel must not exceed 40 km / h. There are many years of driving the master said: "ice and snow on the road to pay special attention to prevent the brakes, rapid progress, sharp turns and another turn. That installed Lockout Hasp can be foolproof driving, this is a misunderstanding. Loaded Lockout Hasp high-speed road Which may lead to Lockout Hasp fracture, especially iron material Lockout Hasp, once the problem occurs, it will form a serious consequences.
Other needs to pay attention to is that now the snow on the highway will be salt melting snow, which is very serious corrosion of the Lockout Hasp, so the owner after the completion of high speed, pay attention to Lockout Hasp rust, run out with warm water, and so boring And then properly kept.
After the snow drive: to slow down when the low block
On the snow after the car, the person suggested that the start and the process of moving to prevent the clutching of the clutch, to prevent rapid acceleration, brakes, should keep the throttle uniform speed, the vehicle should be used to slow down the low gear approach, the use of engine brake ; When driving, must be the most early to reduce the speed, stabilize the steering wheel, slow to slow back; driving should be installed Lockout Hasp, Lockout Hasp installed on the drive wheel, Lockout Hasp loose common, symmetrical. In addition, the ice and snow on the road, but also carry other necessary anti-skid, heating supplies.
Winter car the most difficult to avoid the problem Lockout Hasp is the vehicle's non-slip problem, often we wake up a dream, the window of the tire Lockout Hasp world is already a piece of silver wrapped. If the problem of snow alone is not large, if the road is frozen or freezing rain, then we must be in the driving time to consider the possible existence of vehicle sliding risk.
The most common way to deal with vehicle skidding is to use Lockout Hasp. But, Lockout Hasp we are common, but it's scientific to use the method you may not know. Today we will briefly introduce the use of car Lockout Hasp related knowledge.
1. To install Lockout Hasp in advance, do not install it temporarily
Winter travel, if we made the car Lockout Hasp feel the road has been more slippery, need to install Lockout Hasp, then, please install before the trip is completed, and not in the face of ice and snow after the installation. This is because the temporary parking installation of Lockout Hasp is not easy to be safe than pre-installation. Install and disassemble the vehicle in a safe area before dismantling. On the busy road, you need to set the necessary traffic warning signs.
2.Lockout Hasp should be installed on the drive wheel and installed in pairs
Install Lockout Hasp, you must first clearly know your car drive mode, in order to play its due role, Lockout Hasp should be installed on the drive wheel, and must be about two pairs of tires installed, not only one The If it is a four-wheel drive, you need to install four Lockout Hasp. In particular, automatic models, not only in pairs to install, but also to ensure that the left and right Lockout Hasp tightness to maintain consistency, or in the course of the automatic transmission will be damaged.
3. After installing Lockout Hasp should try to be vulgar driving hurry to accelerate and emergency braking
Vehicles in the installation of Lockout Hasp, should maintain a slow driving speed, in general, not more than 40km / h. In addition, due to the special role of Lockout Hasp, in the course of driving, try not to sudden acceleration and emergency braking.
4. to leave the ice and snow on the road to dismantle Lockout Hasp
Lockout Hasp principle is to focus the vehicle to the iron point of several points, resulting in a huge pressure, rolling through the ice layer directly to the road, thereby increasing the friction, increasing the safety factor of vehicle driving. Therefore, it also decided, once left the snow wet slippery road, to promptly dismantle Lockout Hasp. No matter in any case, do not take the chain in the snow on the road, it will seriously damage your tires.