We Will Work Hard To Build A Dual Mechanism

We Will Work Hard To Build A Dual Mechanism

Jun 09, 2020

We will work hard to build a "dual" mechanism

Strictly implement the national laws and regulations, seriously implement the security requirements, the implementation of risk identification control and preventive mechanism of "dual" hidden governance construction, deepening the hidden dangers rectification, advancing the essence safety management, and constantly strengthen the standardization of production safety standards to create quality, and the work efficiency, steady rise of intrinsically safe production level.

Establish rules and regulations to build a solid foundation for safety management

Combining with the state and this municipality on production safety laws, regulations, rules and the enterprise reality, timely formulated or revised the Beijing shougang cold rolled sheet co., LTD., hidden perils in safety risk control and management system ", "Beijing shougang cold rolled sheet co., LTD., dangerous places safety warning sign management system", "Beijing shougang cold rolled sheet co., LTD., hazard identification and risk assessment measures for the administration of 35 items such as safety management files, organize personnel training examination. Through the revision of the system, continue to strengthen the company's safety management standardization, institutionalization.

Strict evaluation, focus on strengthening safety responsibility implementation

We will fully implement the work safety responsibility assessment mechanism and promote the implementation of the work safety responsibility system at all levels. In order to further strengthen the restraint and incentive function of production safety, we must strictly implement the safety "one vote veto". From January to May 2020, there will be 12 awards, with the amount of 40,400 yuan. There were 27 penalties, with a penalty amount of 50,500 yuan.

We will increase investment and accelerate essential safety management

Push Lockout Tagout and mechanical protection

The whole line was divided into six regions, eight energy isolation charts were drawn, and 7,199 tasks were sorted out.

According to actual measurement, design area protection drawing to promote mechanical protection.

The whole line is divided into 4 large areas to complete the installation of mechanical protection mesh.