We Will Work Hard To Build A Dual Mechanism 2

We Will Work Hard To Build A Dual Mechanism 2

Jun 11, 2020

Highlight key points and pay close attention to the construction of a "dual" prevention mechanism

Organize all units to sort out hazard identification lists and carry out risk assessment and classification. Professional units are invited to develop the risk early warning system, and organizations are organized to dynamically improve and adjust the list of hidden risks in the early warning system, and "four-color map" is adopted for visual management. We will conduct thorough investigation and control of hidden dangers, further strengthen the control of hidden dangers in equipment and facilities, the environment, and "unsafe human behaviors," and strictly investigate violations of rules and regulations by people. For repeated hidden dangers, we should strengthen assessment efforts, eliminate the "source" of accidents, implement the "dual" prevention mechanism of risk identification, control and hidden dangers detection and treatment, and consolidate the foundation of safety management.

Improve the mechanism and strengthen the integrated management of relevant parties

For the 25 relevant parties in the company's region, the relevant parties shall establish archives according to the "13 elements", purchase necessary safety protection equipment, and integrate them into the integrated safety management system of cold rolling. The responsible business unit shall conduct comprehensive evaluation on the relevant parties every month, and fulfill the principal responsibilities.

Identify the crux of the problem and carry out targeted rectification of hidden dangers

Adhere to the problem-oriented, goal-oriented, result-oriented, thematic research, carefully organize, organize and carry out hazardous chemicals, dangerous gases, contact recognition and operation plate, limited space special rectification work, carry out retraining activities in combination with accident cases, strengthen the safety basic management, ensure the results.

First, we organized special inspections of dangerous chemicals, laboratory storage of dangerous chemicals, and special inspections of dangerous gases to find problems and make corrections. The notification on Gas Safety Inspection was issued, requiring all units to learn lessons from the cases in the notification and manage hazardous chemicals and dangerous gases in accordance with laws and regulations.

The second is to carry out the special rectification of connection confirmation, operation card circulation and use management, and issue the Notice on the Inspection situation of Carrying out Connection confirmation and Special rectification work of Equipment operation card, which requires drawing lessons from the accident and taking the case as a reference to consolidate the foundation of connection confirmation and equipment operation card management.

Third, timely convey the notification of "4.8" accident of Changshan Iron and Steel Company and "4·30" major production safety accident of Ordos Hualingye Coal Coking, organize all units to draw lessons from the accident, check the roof truck, elevator, falling risk points, etc.; To carry out reeducation and training of staff and workers; In combination with intensive maintenance, the hidden dangers of electrical circuits, electrical equipment and facilities, as well as equipment and facilities for heat control shall be checked and controlled to ensure the implementation of fire prevention, electric shock prevention and heat control measures.

Pay attention to drill, improve safety production emergency capacity

47 drill plans have been developed for the management of key hazardous chemicals, mechanical injuries, lifting injuries, etc. In light of the special situation of the current epidemic situation, the drills were mainly organized in the form of desktop rehearsal, including 18 annual drills conducted by the company and 29 drills conducted by each unit. Through the drill, it further improves the ability of workers to deal with various kinds of accidents, and tests the operability and effectiveness of the plan.

To xi jinping, the new times the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, firmly establish a safe development idea, strengthening security implementation main body responsibility, deepen the dual prevention mechanism and essential safety construction, focus, focus, difficulty, in accordance with the law in accordance with the regulations, strict management, strive to "party and government with the principal, a pair of responsibilities, manages concertedly, negligence liability". In the next step, we will continue to find gaps, strengthen weak links and create a new situation of positive interaction between production safety and enterprise development.