What Are The Actual Advantages Of The Circuit Breaker Lock?

What Are The Actual Advantages Of The Circuit Breaker Lock?

Sep 20, 2020

What are the actual advantages of the circuit breaker lock?

The circuit breaker lock is a kind of safety padlock that is locked on the isolating switch. Why is there such a hardware lock? The important thing is to prevent others from opening or to prevent theft. So what are its specific advantages? Let's take a look at it.

In fact, the circuit breaker lock plays a very important role in the enterprise. It is linked to the safety factor of the company’s staff and property. The use of the circuit breaker lock can maintain the role of warning and maintenance, and effectively solve the safety risk of the isolating switch product. The risk source of the switch product, if it is accidentally closed or touched, it may cause a threat to the safety of enterprise staff and property, and even cause safety production accidents, seriously threaten the production and manufacturing of the enterprise, and also cause enterprise management Damage to personnel’s property.

1. The product operation process is convenient and fast

The circuit breaker lock structure is simple and compact, resulting in a small product body, lighter net weight, and convenient and quick locking.

2. The volume resistivity can be of high quality

The circuit breaker lock is made of high wear-resistant epoxy resin, and the composite resin characteristics are integrated into the circuit breaker lock to make it have high-quality volume resistivity performance, and the epoxy resin collagen material has very good impact resistance Professional ability.

3. High product safety performance

The product adopts an excellent improvement plan design and anti-plan. The circuit breaker lock product is completely designed according to the isolating switch structure and characteristic plan. It has core values such as pertinence and individualization, which further improves the safety performance and efficiency of the circuit breaker lock. Ensure the safety performance of customers and ensure all normal manufacturing activities of the enterprise.

4. Long service life

With the uniqueness of its raw materials and the innovative ability of the detailed design plan of the circuit breaker lock, its products have a long service life, reliable quality, extraordinary features, and high cost-effectiveness.

5. Warning function

The isolating switch has the function of warning, allowing people to lock the source of risk, avoiding the risk of personal safety and property damage.

The use of circuit breaker locks locks isolating switch products to avoid irreversible safety risks of safe production accidents and eliminate risk sources in all aspects. The structure of isolating switch products is targeted and innovative, and its structure is aimed at isolating switch products. The scheme design adopts an excellent structural design scheme, resulting in a compact structure of the circuit breaker lock product, small body shape, and light weight. Rubber and plastic products are used as the raw material of the circuit breaker lock, which has high-quality volume resistivity performance, which greatly provides the product Safety performance is a chemical substance for safety protection today.