What Are The Security Features Of The Safety Padlock?

What Are The Security Features Of The Safety Padlock?

Aug 14, 2017

What are the security features of the Safety Padlock?
Safety Padlock is a smart lock, it is the computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology perfect crystal. In recent years, with the development of smart home, Safety Padlocks in the market more and more popular, its performance and security has greatly exceeded the mechanical lock, more and more people have begun to choose a safe padlock, we all know that the use of Safety Padlock What are the safety features of the Safety Padlock?
Safety padlock security features:
1, emergency door opening function: in the case of emergency, available external power to open the door, can also use the emergency key to open the door. Such as the occurrence of fire and other emergency situations are also quickly and safely open the door.
2, low-voltage alarm function: the voltage is too low, the safety padlock will be low-voltage alarm (suggested that you replace the battery as soon as possible) during low-voltage alarm, the Safety Padlock can be unlocked more than 200 times.
3, multi-level password management: a user password and management password hierarchical management, user password and password can be customized according to customer needs to modify.
4, password protection: When the password for three consecutive input error, the Safety Padlock motherboard is locked for 15 minutes, effectively preventing the password was malicious to steal.
5, double lock function:
External forced lock: can not be opened in the internal, apply to go out, to prevent intrusion.
Internal forced lock: the outside can not be opened, so you at home more peace of mind, safe.
6, tamper tamper alarm function: lock the door in the state, it was picking lock, broken lock into the electronic lock will be issued a strong alarm sound.
7, anti-peep virtual password function: enter the correct password before you enter any interference code, effectively prevent others from stealing passwords, burglary.
8, automatic lock function: the use of automatic lock core, the door if the false cover or virtual cover the case of Safety Padlock will automatically lock, entry and exit more secure.
Safety Padlocks through fingerprint identification certification, greatly enhanced security protection, many families are installed on a Safety Padlock. What are the components of the safety padlock?
1, LCD screen
Domestic products can provide this configuration of the manufacturers not much, most of them only by lighting and voice prompts these fingerprint modules comes with the function to achieve. Set the LCD display, you can make the user more convenient and simple operation. Power consumption is higher than the light and sound. But the use of liquid crystal can certainly make the Safety Padlock more intelligent, user operation is more simple, it is obvious. Configuration of liquid crystal is not a simple material accumulation, but also involves the rational design of software and circuit systems.
2, chip
Chip technology is China's IT industry common face barriers, the technology has been the United States control and monopoly. At present, China has successfully developed a DSP Safety Padlock professional processing chip, the chip is generally packaged in Taiwan, the domestic manufacturers of the algorithm software burning; the vast majority of Safety Padlock manufacturers using domestic fingerprint algorithm chip.
3, the sensor
The safety padlock sensor is mainly optical sensor and semiconductor sensor, optical sensor mainly refers to the use of coms and other optical sensor devices, access to fingerprint images, the market are generally made in the form of the overall module, such sensors are lower prices, but larger Used in Safety Padlock, fingerprint access control and other products.
4, fingerprint module
As the front end of the industrial chain, there are professional software companies and Safety Padlock R & D enterprises to provide fingerprint module group. Most of these modules have been imported into the country and then provide the corresponding secondary development space. Only after the secondary development of the fingerprint module can really play its role. Like a computer, Windows XP gave you installed, but you have to be practical, you have to install some special software.