What Is A Horizontal Open Safety Padlock

Horizontal open safety padlock structure, the lock lock core axis and lock beam linear local vertical axis, the head is an eccentric pin shaft, by the eccentric shaft pin housing lock beam. When the lock to open, will turn the key in the lock core, turn the lock and key, deflation reset spring, lock turn to a certain Angle, eccentric pin shaft removed the pin of the lock shackle the role, lock shackle under the action of spring force upward bounce, playing at a certain height by liang pin stayed, locks are opened.

After the lock shackle jumped up, lock on the eccentric shaft lock lock shackle barriers, which lock cannot be returned to in situ, the key in the lock by the barriers also can not remove the marbles back.

When the lock needs closing, with straight open safety padlock close to pressure on the lock, lock tight shackle spring into the lock body, enter the locking position, thunk shackle eliminate obstacles of eccentric pin lock core, lock in a reset spring back in situ, under the action of eccentric pin lock pin liang ban, to reach the purpose of locking.

The lock has a simple structure, low price, the key is not easy to loss, etc. But also has a fatal flaw is strong degree is low, anti-theft performance is poor. Because the lock shackle is single atresia, pry up will not easily atresia surface, make the lock shackle have been damaged.

In recent years, many consumer cross lock manufacturers are actively discussing how progress across the lock of the strong degree, and consume the horizontal drive safety padlock lock tongue. The lock on the warp and woof of the original cross unlock increased, spring pin, lock tongue, seal piece of four parts, and the manufacturing process of the lock.

When demand open lock, insert the key into the lock core, lock eccentric pin shaft pin of the lock shackle lost banned, lock side jin generation moving upward moving pin, cant use push lock tongue, tight lock tongue spring back, revoked the pin of the lock shackle banned, lock shackle under the action of stretch, jump up, jump to a certain height by liang pin stopped after.

Straight open when the lock needs closing, according to the safety pressure on the closed padlock, lock tight shackle spring into the lock body, lock in a reset spring reset, under the action of generation movement Angle lock down movement, the lock tongue juts out under the action of stretch to lock pin liang ban, lock the head of the eccentric pin and pin the lock shackle, such strong degrees than the original horizontal open temporary lock a lot of progress.