What Precautions Should Be Paid During The Production Of Safety Warning Tag?

What Precautions Should Be Paid During The Production Of Safety Warning Tag?

Aug 03, 2017

What precautions should be paid during the production of Safety Warning Tag?
 1, first consider the rationality of construction, that is, to consider the construction materials difficult to make, the construction is difficult to be more trouble, or the construction of security risks, which must be taken into account.
2, the principle of visual performance: security warning label design is to a visual communication and the role of information dissemination, in the selection of the time to pay attention to the needs of the performance of the concept and visual effects.
3, to consider the use of the term and the use of the venue, some security warning labels are used for a short time, such as the exhibition venue, and some are long to use, so take into account the Safety Warning Tag life, , Outdoor and indoor use of materials in the very influential, and sometimes the location is also very important.
4. We have to take into account the use and service maintenance costs, we can not blindly pursue the visual effects and forget the customer's economic affordability, if this is forgotten, it is likely that this program will not be implemented.
 Now both large enterprise companies or small store operations are increasingly demanding their own Safety Warning Tag fine professional. Because in the increasingly fierce competition today, a good publicity, a good sign, will be the highlight of your customers to attract customers.
Now a lot of customers in the requirements of the production of security warning labels will require the use of mini-luminous characters, then, what is the mini-luminous characters in the end it? What are the advantages of it?
The so-called mini-luminous characters, is exquisite, beautiful, so that you do not think there is no other style of light-emitting words than her more beautiful, so you want to advertise the light word to think of her.
Safety Warning Tag The structure of the miniature acrylic luminous characters
Mini-luminous characters of the theme material is crystal acrylic light guide plate highlight LED light source floor, the production process is to use crystal acrylic mechanical carving groove formation, and then paste grinding, and then row of LED light source, and finally do paint surface treatment.
Safety Warning Tag The basic process of the use of mechanized production, so the mini-luminous characters can be ultra-thin, ultra-small, so very delicate and beautiful. More important is the mini-light word material shell recovery, in accordance with international standards, to achieve environmental protection.
Mini luminous characters
Safety Warning Tag Exquisite beauty, mechanical standardization can be produced, high-grade, texture. Applicable to shopping malls counters, stores, jewelry stores, brand furniture, brand clothing stores and other brands corporate image security warning labels. Can better enhance the company's brand image.
And resin luminous characters, the miniature resistance to yellowing, longer life. Mini luminous characters can also be double-sided different colors of light security warning signs.
For such a new type of security warning label production process, I believe there will be more and more people pay attention to it, and even love it.