When Do You Execute Lockout Tagout

When Do You Execute Lockout Tagout

May 13, 2020

When do you execute Lockout tagout

When all of the following conditions are met, there is no need to perform the device detailed isolation procedure:

There is no stored or residual energy in the device/machine itself;

The device/machine has only a single energy source and can be easily identified and isolated;

Isolating and cutting off the energy source can completely remove the equipment/machinery from being cut off and isolated intact;

Use a lock to achieve the locked state;

Each maintenance personnel can effectively control their own lock;

The maintenance operation will not cause harm to other personnel;

In the equipment maintenance operation under the above exceptional circumstances, there is no accident caused by accidental energy release.

A routine, repetitive operation performed during normal operation

Small scale maintenance activities required for equipment operation and production, such as small tool changes and adjustments;

Work on the equipment where the wire plug is connected to the power supply, and the plug is under the control of the non-operator;

Qualified personnel working on electrical lines or components that are not isolated;

Work on live parts under 50V voltage and based on risk assessment

There is no combustion or explosion caused by electric spark;

Installation, including communication or testing of related equipment, not under the control of electrical installations used to generate, transmit or distribute electricity;

Operations that may be exposed to electrical hazards in or near conductors/equipment located within the plant substation and between the substation and the supply lines.