When Do You Use The Lockout Kit?

When Do You Use The Lockout Kit?

Jul 04, 2017

When do you use the Lockout Kit?

The locking kit is generally used when the equipment is very close to maintenance or maintenance, and it can be used to prevent sudden injuries.

What USES Lockout Kits?

In the following situations, you must use the locking kit:

1. When the device is suddenly started, the locking kit should be used to lock up the listing

2. To prevent the sudden release of residual power, it is best to use the lock kit to lock:

3. Lock kits should be used when removing or passing through protective devices or other safety facilities

4. When a certain part of the body is likely to be caught by the machine, it should be locked up:

5. The power maintenance personnel should use the locking kit for the cut-off equipment when conducting circuit maintenance

6. Machine maintenance personnel should use locking kits for machine switch buttons when cleaning or lubricating machines with running parts

7. Lockout Kit Maintenance personnel in the exclusion of mechanical failure, it should start the mechanical equipment device using locking kit The occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) recommend that all enterprises should be equipped with locking kits for its staff. In the workplace, it is the enterprise's responsibility to track the system selected. The locking suite is not a extinguishing tool, but only when the power source is isolated.

Locking suite because has the function of management a padlock can match multiple keys, these keys due to different functions and authority, so divided into multiple, often these keys suite of lock key management system:

The key series: each locking kit has a unique key, and the lock and lock can not be separated from each other.

Open key series: all sets of lock and lock sets can be opened to each other. Any one or a few keys can open all the padlocks in the group. You can specify multiple groups, which cannot be opened between groups.

Different open master key series: specify the group inside the Lockout Kit dominate the only key to every, locking between suite and locking kit can not open, but there is a master key to open the group all locking suite; Can be customized multiple groups, the master key cannot be opened between groups, but can specify a higher main main main key to open all groups of padlocks;

Lockout Kit In the same series of key series: after the key series of the group, if you need to specify a high level supervisor to open all groups, you can add the key to the key.

Step 1: get ready to work

Lockout Kit Prepare to shut down energy. There are common types of energy (electricity, mechanical energy, air, etc.). And its potential dangers. Put away the protection device (lock kit) and prepare to turn off the energy

Step 2: notice work

Notice the ongoing work of the operators and managers who may be affected by the isolation of the machine.

Step 3: close the job

Close the device or machine

Step 4: lock up work

Lockout Kit Use appropriate safety locking device to lock all the energy to turn off the equipment or machine. When locked, make sure no one can open the switch or valve. Then put a warning label on the security lock to prevent accidental operation.

Step 5: test work

Test all machine controls and circuits to ensure that the energy is completely isolated.

Step 6: maintenance

According to different machine usage condition, maintenance, such as some needs one month maintenance, some longer...

Step 7: resume normal operation

When all work is completed and the lock/listing device is removed, please confirm that all the tools and mechanical circuit locking devices have been removed. Be sure to notify all workers before resupplying energy.