Winter Driving With Lockout Kit Also Have To Drive Carefully

Winter Driving With Lockout Kit Also Have To Drive Carefully

Sep 28, 2017

Snow, and many owners to the car "wear" on the Lockout Kit, but do not think that with the Lockout Kit will be able to ensure that you are in a very slippery road steady Dangdang high speed.
The wheel "wear" on the Lockout Kit is not fast
Snow driving or through the icy road, to calm and careful. Slowly driving, not free overtaking, light throttle, light brake, slow play direction, any big action or improper operation may bring danger. Owners do not think that the installation of the Lockout Kit in the snow driving is very safe, if the high speed, will be very dangerous. High-speed driving will lead to Lockout Kit break, especially the iron material Lockout Kit, once broken, the consequences will be very serious.
Carefully use the car Lockout Kit
On the issue of car drivers throughout the car to bring enough time to brake the problem, the test marked, because the winter road is slippery, the demand for braking time is longer: a snow in 40 km / h driving the car, if the use of all seasons , Car brake after the complete suspension of demand 37.84m, while the use of winter tires can be greatly reduced, only 18.49m. The consequences of the query, the German owners of winter tires higher awareness, and 80% of the Germans will use winter tires. While China's 58.2% of the owners revealed that they were willing to equip winter tires, of course, this is relatively less relevant to China's cold regions, 24% of Chinese owners said they are willing to use the Lockout Kit to ensure safe driving in winter.
But in this prompted the owner, Lockout Kit will be in the inevitable level to ensure that the snow and ice driving safe, but also reduce driving comfort and quiet, as well as to hurt the tires and wheels. While winter tires can be useful to cope with the unexpectedly heavy snow and driving risks presented in remote driving.
After installing the Lockout Kit, you should also pay attention to several aspects of driving
Speed limit Although the installation of the Lockout Kit, but its limited role, the owners do not therefore "carefree" Moreover, the acceleration is on the one hand, the brake is on the one hand, to ensure the safety of driving, but also the owner to control the speed. It is best to control the speed at 50Km / h.
2. Avoid using the Lockout Kit on a dry road. The above mentioned Lockout Kit is only suitable for use on snowy roads.
3. Tire pressure should not be too low. Some brothers in order to add the table and the ground touch area, specifically the tire pressure drop, tire lockout Kit In fact, this practice does not play the role of non-slip, and add the Lockout Kit due to tire damage, Lockout Kit will touch with the road Time indentation into the countertops, not only not an excellent role in the damage to the tire, but also because of the tire volume changes affect the Lockout Kit fixed.
Winter snow to the owners of the driving trip has brought great inconvenience, the snow on the road due to changes in temperature and the wheel rolling phenomenon has become very smooth, in such a road driving with a sliding and braking Distance extension of the phenomenon, to drive safety has brought great challenges.
Due to domestic policy restrictions, ordinary vehicles do not allow the use of tires with trolley on the road driving, although there are other types of tires available, but if you encounter emergency situations need to turn around or the same brakes do not get too much The role of what way to the maximum extent to prevent the occurrence of side slip class?
The car Lockout Kit simply locks the chain or rivet mesh on the wheel, and the Lockout Kit on the wheel can be rooted in the frozen layer to ensure that the tire does not slip due to the smooth contact surface. Currently on the market wheel anti-skid products are iron chain and plasticized with two kinds of rivets.