Master Lock 38mm Safety Padlock

Master Lock 38mm Safety Padlock
Product Details

Part No.: P38S

38mm Short Steel Shackle Safety Padlock

a) Reinforced nylon body, withstand temperature from -20to +80. The steel shackle is chrome plated; the non-conductive shackle is made from nylon, withstand temperature from -20to +120, ensuring the strength and deformation fracture not easily.

b) Key Retaining Feature: When the shackle is open, the key can’t be removed.

c) Laser printing and logo engraving available if required.

d) All different colors available.


Part No.


Shackle Material



Keyed Alike




“KA”: Each padlock is keyed the same in one group

“P”: Straight edge plastic lock body

“S”: Steel shackle


Other material can be customized:

“SS”: Stainless steel shackle

“BS”: Brass shackle


Keyed Differ


Keyed & Alike/Differ


Grand Master Key


Keyed Alike




Keyed Differ


Keyed & Alike/Differ


Grand Master Key

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Lockey tells you when to use a security lockout?

Safety locks are generally used for maintenance or maintenance of equipment close to the equipment, to prevent emergencies will lead to injury and use.

When is a safety lock used?

Common occasions the following occasions, be sure to use a safety lockout:

1. In case of sudden startup of the device, a safety lock should be used to lockout and hang the tag

2. To prevent the sudden release of residual power, it is better to use a safety lock:

3. Use safety locks when it is necessary to remove or pass through protective devices or other safety devices

4. Scope of work that should be locked when a part of the body is likely to be caught by the machine:

5. Power maintenance personnel should use safety locks on circuit breakers when conducting circuit maintenance

6. When cleaning or lubricating the machine with running parts, the machine maintenance personnel should use safety locks on the machine switch buttons

When troubleshooting mechanical problems, maintenance personnel should use safety locks on mechanical start-up devices. The occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) recommends that all businesses provide safety locks for their employees. Within the workplace, it is the responsibility of the enterprise to keep track of the systems selected for use. Safety locks are not a means of extinguishing power and can only be used when the power source is isolated.



1. Q: Could I put my own logo on the products?
     A: Sure, your logo can be put on every lock body, either by laser, or by moulds.

2. Q: Could I put my own designs of label on the products?
    A: Of course, you can send us your design, we'll follow your design. 

3. Q: Can I have some samples before formal order?
    A: Yes, we can send you some free samples for your test before your order. 

4. Q: How long is the lead time?
    A: Normally we keep stock for most products, the lead time is 1-5 days as soon as the payment is released. For customized products, it takes longer. 

5. Q: How about the after-sale service? What's the Warranty terms?
    A: We offer 12 months for every products we sold. If you meet any problems after sales, pls contact us freely, we'll help solving the problems within 24 hours. 

6. Q: Are you manufacturer or just dealer?
    A: We're manufaturer, we do produce all products by ourself. Welcome to visit our plant at any time. 

7. Q: What's the payment terms? Can I pay after you got the products?

    A: Normally we accept TT and western union. L/C is also accepted if the order quantity is large. For old customers, we'll guanartee monthly payment after good cooperationship. 

8. Q: I couldn't find the products I want in your catalogue, can you develop it for me?
    A: Yes, we have a research & development dept., we're willing to develop everything that you demand in safety lockout industries. 

9. Q: Do you have any office in other countries?
    A: Currently we don't have, but we're discussing with some good customers. If you're willing to be our agent in any countries, pls contact us freely.

Control of dangerous energy in enterprise production

Energy is the most basic driving force of the development and economic growth of the whole world and the basis of human survival. Simultaneously is also the foundation of industrial civilization, the enterprise production without basic energy such as water, gas, air, electricity, etc., of course, the energy in the process of production must be correct and reasonable role on production equipment, if the energy in the production process out of control, not role on production equipment, but the effect on the human body, so, in this case the energy is very dangerous for the workers themselves, such as gas leakage, electric shock, mechanical injury and so on are the result of the energy is out of control of the accident.

The dangerous energy sources mentioned here include electrical energy, mechanical energy, hydraulic energy, pneumatic energy, thermal energy, potential energy, chemical energy, fluid energy, potential energy, potential energy, potential energy, residual energy, etc. (e.g., tension force, capacitance and mechanical energy). The control of hazardous energy is applicable to the installation, maintenance, overhaul and patrol inspection of all equipment and facilities; The purpose of the control is to perform the above operations with the equipment and facilities involved in a zero-energy state: all energy sources have been controlled, isolated or removed to ensure the prevention of accidental start-up of equipment or facilities or the release of dangerous energy. Methods of achieving zero energy status of a facility or facility include locking, breaking, sealing, blocking, ventilation, drainage, venting, grounding, etc.