25mm Plastic Shackle Padlock

25mm Plastic Shackle Padlock
Product Details

Part No.: P25P

25mm Plastic Short Shackle Safety Padlock

MATERIAL: Reinforced nylon body and non-conductive plastic hackle


a) Widely used in chemical, electrical, automobile industry, etc.

b) Easily to be carried

c) With rewritable warning signs, other design can be customized.

d) Key Retaining Feature (When the shackle is open, the key can’t be removed.

e) High Security 12 pin cylinder lock, up to 50000pcs different locking mechanisms.

f) Laser printing and logo engraving available if required.

g) Shackle Length: 38mm

h) All different colors available.

主图4 拷贝.jpg

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Dimension (mm)

25mm Plastic Shackle, Nylon Body

A:    B:    C:


keyed alike, color red

6     25    20


Keyed differ, color red

6     25    20


Master & differ, color red

6     25    20


Keyed alike & master key, color red

6     25    20


Grand master key system, color red

6     25    20

All colors available, normal color: RED, YLW, BLU, Dark Blue, GRN, ORJ, PRP, BRN ,BLK, WHT, GRAY, Other colors can be custom made.

Color Option:


Padlock Body Shape Option:


1. Do not jump the lock shackle

The reason why the lock shackle does not jump is that the shape tolerance of the lock shackle is too large. Insert the key into the lock center, turn it to the open position and do not move

2. The lock core does not turn

Do not turn because friction is high, do not need safety padlock for a long time, lock core and lock body appear rust, a few pour diesel oil and gasoline into lock core can solve a problem.

The key stuck in the lock

If the key is broken into the lock body from the root, it can be picked up directly with tweezers and other tools. If the lock core is broken in the middle, only the seven-hole seal plate on the lock body can be removed, and then it is installed after being popped and sealed with aluminum wire.

4. Blocked key insertion and extraction

This is due to the use of longer reasons, some graphite in the keyhole, the most commonly used is the pencil core, do not pour oil into it.

Padlock type

The padlock is divided according to the unlock mode

1. Jacking padlock: it means that the key is at the lower part of the lock, and the lock beam (lock hook) is pushed out after the lock is unlocked.

2. Open the padlock directly

3. Horizontal padlock: as shown in picture 3

4. Crossbeam padlock (also known as giant padlock)

5. Password padlock: padlocks opened with keys are not suitable for high mutual opening rate, especially for small padlocks.

Fold by material

1, stainless steel padlock: this kind of padlock is characterized by strong antioxidant capacity, suitable for outdoor, but due to the difficulty of processing, relatively high cost, domestic use less. 2, copper padlock: the main material of the lock is copper, the use of common mainly small copper padlock, that is, the size below 40mm, mainly the copper price is relatively high.

3, iron padlock: use is very common.

A. electroplated iron padlock: watch

B. gray iron padlock: the surface is treated with gray paint, and many colored padlocks appear after the treatment, all of which belong to this category.

C. Copper-like padlock: in fact, it is an electroplated iron padlock, referring to the copper-plated surface

4. Zinc alloy padlock: this kind of padlock is formed by die casting machine with high precision.