175mm Dia.1.5mmCable Safety Padlock

175mm Dia.1.5mmCable Safety Padlock

Part No: PC175D2 Shackle Length: Length 150mm x Dia 3.3mm Material: Nylon+Chromeplated shackle Unit: Piece


Part No.: PC175D2

Steel Cable Shackle Safety Padlock 175mm Dia.1.5mm


a)    Reinforced nylon lockbody, can stand temperature from -20 to +80. The cable shackle is made of stainless steel, ensuring the strength and can be deformed difficultly.

b)    Key Retain Feature: When the shackle is opened, the key can not be removed.

c)    Cable Length: 175mm, other cable lengths can be customized; Cable diameter1.5mm.

d)    Laser printing and logo engraving available if required.


Part No.


Shackle Material



Keyed Alike


Stainless   Steel Cable


“KA”:   Each padlock is keyed alike in one group

“P”:   Straight edge plastic lock body


KD- PC175D2

Keyed Different

MK- PC175D2

Keyed & Alike/Different

GMK- PC175D2

Grand Master Key


key system.jpg

Color Options: 

CP175.jpgShape Options:


Our various lockout products are uniquely made by our professional staff which is considered for your special requirement. You are expected to buy our good qualities and well-performed padlocks.

Safety knowledge

Security is one of the necessary conditions for the survival and development of enterprises. It is a topic that never goes out of style. It is closely related to everyone, family, enterprise and society. We see many, many manufacturing enterprises from the TV or newspaper due to do not take the safety accident, the victims and the scenes and the family members of sorrow, to individuals, families and society to bring many, many manufacturing enterprises due to do not take the safety accident, the victims and the scenes and the family members of sorrow, to individuals, families and society.

The reason is very simple, because safety is the most important and basic need of human beings and the basic guarantee of human life and health. All life and production activities originate from the existence of life. If people lose their lives, survival is out of the question and life is meaningless. If a person is disabled by accident or suffers from occupational diseases due to occupational hazards, his or her quality of life will surely be greatly reduced. Safety is life? For a family, security means harmony. For an enterprise, security means development. For a person, safety means life! With security, does not mean that you have everything, but there is no security and must not have everything, for us, more than a compliance, but also more than a safe chip, will have a happy life.

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