Cable Steel Wire Lock Padlock

Cable Steel Wire Lock Padlock
Product Details

Part No.: PC175D2

Steel Cable Shackle Safety Padlock 175mm Dia.1.5mm


a)    Reinforced nylon lockbody, can stand temperature from -20 to +80. The cable shackle is made of stainless steel, ensuring the strength and can be deformed difficultly.

b)    Key Retain Feature: When the shackle is opened, the key can not be removed.

c)    Cable Length: 175mm, other cable lengths can be customized; Cable diameter1.5mm.

d)    Laser printing and logo engraving available if required.


Part No.


Shackle Material



Keyed Alike


Stainless   Steel Cable


“KA”:   Each padlock is keyed alike in one group

“P”:   Straight edge plastic lock body


KD- PC175D2

Keyed Different

MK- PC175D2

Keyed & Alike/Different

GMK- PC175D2

Grand Master Key

4 (6) 拷贝PC175D2

Color Options: 

CP175.jpgShape Options:


The remote control

Where isolation devices are remote controlled, written procedures should be used in conjunction with written authorizations to ensure that isolation and disability or recovery can be verified by direct communication between the person performing the work authorization and the person designated by the procedures.

Optional methods

When routine repetitive tasks that are closely related to the production process are not suitable to use the locking method, alternative methods should be adopted.

The alternative method selected by the user shall be based on the results of the risk assessment of the machine, which shall take into account the possibility of removing or changing the existing safety protection devices of the machine to complete the given task. The user shall select the appropriate alternative method as required and shall have detailed steps and records for the selected method.

Communication and training


The user shall be responsible for informing all personnel of the appropriate level of hazardous energy control and notifying the corresponding authorized personnel of all aspects of the hazardous energy control plan, such as plan changes, experience in emergencies, progress of the plan, performance data, review results, and other relevant details.