25mm Steel Shackle Safety Padlock

25mm Steel Shackle Safety Padlock
Product Details

Part No.:  P25S

25mm Short Steel Shackle Safety Padlock

a) Reinforced nylon body, withstand temperature from -20to +80. The steel shackle is chrome plated; the non-conductive shackle is made from nylon, withstand temperature from -20to +120, ensuring the strength and deformation fracture not easily.

b) Key Retaining Feature: When the shackle is open, the key can’t be removed.

c) Laser printing and logo engraving available if required.

d) All different colors available.


Part No.


Shackle Material



Keyed Alike




“KA”: Each padlock is keyed the same in one group

“P”: Straight edge plastic lock body

“S”: Steel shackle


Other material can be customized:

“SS”: Stainless steel shackle

“BS”: Brass shackle


Keyed Differ


Keyed & Alike/Differ


Grand Master Key


Keyed Alike




Keyed Differ


Keyed & Alike/Differ


Grand Master Key




     PART NO.


Dimension (mm)

25mm steel shackle, nylon body

A:      B:      C:


keyed alike, color red

6       25      20


Keyed differ, color red

6       25      20


Master & differ, color red

6       25      20


Keyed alike & master key, color red

6       25      20


Grand master key system, color red

6       25      20

All colors available, normal color: RED, YLW, BLU, GRN, ORJ, PRP, BLK, Dark BLU, WHT, Gray, Other colors can be custom made.

Dimension drawing(mm):

(Dimension drawing 1

Color options:


Other style of body shape:


IMG_1147.JPGIMG_1148.JPGIMG_1149 (2).JPG

Specially designed according to your special requirements, our 25mm steel shackle safety padlock made by one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of lockout products in China - LOCKEY. You are welcomed to wholesale customized 25mm steel shackle safety padlock made in China at cheap price with our factory, and we also offer the free sample.

Remember to lockout tagout  for maintenance

In 2004, when the operators in the pre-installed back plate, found with sealant on the back plate mat, operators did not implement any locked up for operating, illegal will head into the internal inspection equipment, due to the equipment in the automatic state at the time, during his inspection in the process, equipment spear sudden movement, his head to get stuck in, emergency treatment and taken to a hospital.

Cause of accident:

1. The equipment is not well matched with molds and there are defects. The direct cause of the accident is to require operators to check the foaming box.

2. In the process of automatic operation of the equipment, the operator did not implement any locking and listing operation to enter the internal inspection of the equipment in violation of rules and regulations, and seriously violated the safety operation rules of "no body parts are allowed to enter the equipment", which is the main cause of the accident.

Energy isolation step --- confirmation

After the lock tag is attached, it should be tested and activated to confirm that dangerous energy or boredom is effectively isolated or removed. When a party has any doubts about the adequacy or completeness of the locking and isolation, it may request that all the isolation be re-checked.

Confirm the way

Before releasing or isolating energy, observe the pressure gauge or liquid level gauge in good working condition; By observing the pressure gauge and liquid level gauge, it can be comprehensively confirmed that the stored energy has been completely removed or effectively isolated. Other hazards should be avoided during revalidation.

Visually confirm that the connector is disconnected and the device has stopped rotating.

For work tasks with electrical hazards, there should be a clear break point, and no voltage has been tested.

Check the radiation intensity through the radioactive source detector.