38mm Steel Safety Padlock

38mm Steel Safety Padlock
Product Details

Part No.: P38S 

38mm Steel Short Shackle Safety Padlock

MATERIAL: Industrial safety padlock, Reinforced nylon body and chromeplated triple-coated hardened steel shackle.
a)Loto safety padlocks are widely used in chemical, electrical, automobile industry, etc.
b) Easily to carry and keep.
c) With rewritable warning signs
d) Key Retaining Feature (When the shackle is open, the key can not be removed)
e) High Security 12 pin cylinder lock, up to 100000pcs different locking mechanisms.
f) Laser printed and logo engraved availableif required.
g) Shackle Long: 38mm
h) All different colors available.



Dimension (mm)

38mm steel shackle, nylon body

A: B: C:


keyed alike, color red

6 38 20


Keyed differ, color red

6 38 20


Master & differ, color red

6 38 20


Keyed alike & master key, color red

6 38 20


Grand master key system, color red

6 38 20

All colors available, normal color: RED, YLW, BLU, GRN, ORJ, PRP, BLK, WHT, GRY, Other colors can be customized.


Dimension drawing(mm):
Dimension drawing 1.png

Dimension drawing1


Dimension drawing(mm):

Dimension drawing 2.png

Dimension drawing2
Color options:


Lock Bodies for selection:


Where do I need to use the lockout tagout procedure?

(1) high-voltage operation (including operation near high-voltage line);

(2) operation of live equipment;

(3) all work requiring temporary shutdown of the security system;

(4) access to confined Spaces (including operations in any area at risk of hypoxia);

(5) work that may come into contact with hazardous substances;

(6) fire operation (cutting, welding) in non-designated area;

(7) operations at height and in deep pits;

(8) demolition work;

(9) all excavation operations shall include work near underground pipelines and cables;

(10) operations carried out on equipment with radioactive sources.

A complete energy source control process consists of four main parts:

1. Textual formulation of company policies and procedures

2. Energy source identification

3. Staff training and creating a safe cultural environment

4. Equip employees with the right tools and devices

Common dangerous energy sources

1. Electrical circuit switch

2. Mechanical fixed moving parts

3. Hydraulic pressure relief and emptying

4. Pneumatic block gas transmission

5. Chemical emptying pipe

6. Heat control temperature to room temperature

7. Other...

Locking/listing steps 6

1. Prepare to shut down, close the equipment, isolate the energy source, lockout and tagout, release the remaining energy, confirm the equipment isolation, repair or clean the equipment

Attention points for locking/listing

The lock device is an effective means to isolate and lock the dangerous power source of machine and equipment

Locking the tags does not cut off the power to the device. Use only after isolating the power source

Listing does not provide actual protection. It needs to be used together with the lock device.

Additional requirements for listing: - additional training is required for those affected - additional safety instructions must be used to ensure that the same level of safety is achieved for locking