43mm Steel Shackle Aluminum Safety Padlock

43mm Steel Shackle Aluminum Safety Padlock
Product Details

Part No.: ALP43, ALP78

Aluminum Safety Padlock


a)      Aluminum body and shackle is steel and have been triple-coated hardened chrome plated.

b)      When you open the lock, the shackle will pop up automatically.

c)      Shackle Length: 43mm and 78mm.

d)     Colors for choice: red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, black, sliver.

e)      Other shackle lengths can be customized.

Part   No.




Inside shackle:43mm;  shackle diameter:6mm

Support key system Key Alike, Key Differ, Master&Alike/Differ Key, Grand Master Key


Inside shackle:78mm;  shackle diameter:6mm



Different Key Systems for your choice:


Where do I need to use the lockout tagout procedure?

(1) high-voltage operation (including operation near high-voltage line);

(2) operation of live equipment;

(3) all work requiring temporary shutdown of the security system;

(4) access to confined Spaces (including operations in any area at risk of hypoxia);

(5) work that may come into contact with hazardous substances;

(6) fire operation (cutting, welding) in non-designated area;

(7) operations at height and in deep pits;

(8) demolition work;

(9) all excavation operations shall include work near underground pipelines and cables;

(10) operations carried out on equipment with radioactive sources.

A complete energy source control process consists of four main parts:

1. Textual formulation of company policies and procedures

2. Energy source identification

3. Staff training and creating a safe cultural environment

4. Equip employees with the right tools and devices