Adjust Ball Valve Lockout

Adjust Ball Valve Lockout
Product Details

Part No.:  ABVL05

Adjustable ball valve lockout


a)  Made from PP, highly resistant to cracking and abrasion, resistant to extreme weather temperature conditions.

b)  Removable insert accommodates a wide range of handle designs and dimensions

c)  With auxiliary rear gear parts, can lock out double roll valves.

d)  Suitable for pipes diameter from 73mm (2 4/5) to 215mm (8 1/2).


Part No.



Suitable for pipes diameter from 13mm (1/2) to 70mm (2 3/4)


Suitable for pipes diameter from 13mm (1/2) to 70mm (2 3/4)


Suitable for pipes diameter from 73mm (2 4/5) to 215mm (8 1/2)


1. Wear labor protection articles according to regulations during maintenance work.

2. The "power cut and tag" system must be strictly implemented during equipment maintenance.

3. If working under the mechanical equipment, the "under repair, do not turn the machine" sign should be hung on the overhauled equipment. Repair machinery with wheels, using triangular iron plug wheels, prevent rolling.

4. When working at height, fasten the safety belt and take protective measures. Pay attention to safety when repairing, do not allow up and down delivery tools and parts. To avoid accidental accident or tool damage.

5. If more than one person is needed to operate during repair, a special person must be in charge and cooperate closely with each other.

6. The equipment must be vented before maintenance.

7. Pay attention to fire and explosion proof and use explosion proof tools safely during maintenance in explosion proof area.

8. When disassembling the equipment, the disassembling force should be even to avoid the phenomenon of collision caused by too much force.

9. Observe regularly during cross operation to prevent falling objects from injuring people.

10. When disassembling the equipment, it shall be carried out in sequence, mark and record the relative position of the disassembled parts, and properly keep them.

11. When disassembling and installing the bearing and other quenching parts, the copper bar or wooden bar shall be used to cushion the hammer, and the sledgehammer shall not be used to directly strike.

12. When overhauling the interconnected parts, the connected parts must first be stuck so that they cannot slide before maintenance.

13. When installing chain or gear transmission machinery, it is strictly prohibited to arbitrarily rotate the machinery.

14. When hoisting the equipment, check whether the reverse chain lock is normal and whether the frame car is normal to prevent the equipment from slipping and injuring people.

15. For work above two meters in height, a climbing ticket must be issued, and the safety belt must be used throughout the whole process.

16. After maintenance, tools should be counted to prevent them from being left in the machine.

17. Do not touch the sliding surface, rotating part or threaded hole by hand during maintenance.

18. Before the test, check whether the power supply is connected correctly, and carefully check all parts of the machine before starting.