Ball Valve Safety Lockout

Ball Valve Safety Lockout
Product Details

Part No.: ABVL04 

Adjustable ball valve safetylockout
Plastic valve lockout
Ball valve lockout devices will lock out a range of different pipes by securing the valve handle in the OFF position.

  • Durable, lightweight thermoplastic material is chemical resistant and performs effectively in extreme environments

  • Removable insert accommodates a wide range of handle designs and dimensions

  • Can work withcable lockout device for the most secure fit

  • Locking holes to accept allsafety padlock.

Part No.



Suitable for valve handlefrom 9.5mm (3/8") to 70mm (1 1/5")


Suitable for valve handle from 13mm (1/2") to 70mm (2 3/4")


Suitable for valve handle from 73mm (2 4/5") to 215mm (8 1/2")

Practical application effect

In recent years, China is also paying more and more attention to the safety of production equipment, so, greatly improve the safety of the device, can completely avoid human error caused by the accident. The authors design the valve locks are unique, so far the main valve lock is to control operations with fixed valve handwheel, valves and valve cover at the end of the bolt connection, the connection way is to create two nut with internal thread, connect the chain with peg, middle side screws into the valve cover bolts of form a complete set with it, on the other side has an external thread is articulated with the end of screw nut connection, with a chain around the valve handwheel, live or move the pin chain at both ends and the external thread connection, the handwheel connected to the valve cover is vertical, such connection is as long as the lock valve, unless to loosen or damage in the middle of the living, Otherwise the valve cannot be opened. Repair or open, close the valve, as long as the middle of the screw on the joint. Valve lock is mainly used in some often closed and often open valve, there are some maintenance temporary open, close the valve, other need to lock the valve can also be used. A lock can also lock two valves, this is the main protection it does not misoperation and accident.

Safety sign

According to "safety signs and their use guidelines" (gb2894-2008), safety signs: signs used to express specific safety information, composed of graphic symbols, safety colors, geometric shapes (borders) or text.

Safety signs are signs that warn workers of dangerous conditions in the workplace or the surrounding environment and guide people to take reasonable actions. Safety signs can remind the staff to prevent danger, so as to avoid accidents; When danger occurs, can instruct people to escape as soon as possible, or instruct people to take correct, effective, effective measures to contain the harm. Not only the type of safety signs should be consistent with the warning content, but also the setting position should be correct and reasonable, otherwise it is difficult to give full play to its warning role.