Adjustable Butterfly Valve Lockout

Adjustable Butterfly Valve Lockout
Product Details

Type No.: BVL01 

Butterfly Valve Lockout
Adjustable butterfly valve lockout

  1. This butterfly valve lockout is made from polypropylene.

  2. Can lock valve rod diameter from 8mm-45mm butterfly valves.

  3. This valve lockout have a compact design, which is very easy for carrying and storage,.

  4. Danger labels in English can be put on the model.

  5. Can be covered and rotated freely around valve wheel and adjustable to fit a range of valves handles.

  6. Itcan be usedtogether withsafety padlocks or safety lockout hasps.

  7. Lock shackle diameter max 7mm.


Type No.



Suitable for valve handlefrom 8mm to 45mm

Valve lockout selection

1. We should select a network system with sufficient economic strength and stability to guarantee service and after-sale service and avoid disputes caused by product quality problems.

2. The valve can be divided into ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, rotary valve, etc. Therefore, when selecting the valve lock, you should also know the type of valve you need.

3. Valve locks can be selected from a variety of materials. Select appropriate locks according to the environment used by locks, such as air dry humidity, high temperature and acid and alkali resistance.

4. Look at the safety standards. There are strict standards for hardware locks at home and abroad.

5. Valve size: different valves take different sizes into consideration. Select the matching valve locks.

6. Check whether the label and mark of valve lock package are complete (including product execution standard, grade, manufacturer's name, address and production date), and whether the package is firm, and whether the description is consistent with the product, and be careful to prevent any exaggeration and inconsistency with the fact.

7. Select the brand manufacturer with good after-sales service, and determine that the locking and listing scheme can be selected with professional guidance.

Design and application of pipeline valve lockout

During the running of power plant pipe valve [1] is a very important accessory equipment, it is about the importance of safe operation, some of the valve is normally open, some valve is closed, it will need to consider security, in order to avoid wrong operation, so the author designed the valve locks, mainly used for valve is opened and closed often use or temporary use, can ensure avoid operation and non operation personnel wrong operation of the valve.

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We provide all kinds of safety padlock, valve lockout, lockout hasp, electrical lockout, cable lockout, group lockout box, lockout kit and station.

In addition to providing professional lockout products, we also aim to provide you with the workable advice and provide a bespoke safety solution that is suited to your individual needs. We provide to both large and small businesses and we provide Lockout Tagout training and awareness courses.


Since our establishment,We have our own factories, first-class service, complete equipment and technology, Lockey insists on innovation of technoligy,products and management. Our service can be trusted comnpletely, We produce the suitable for the needs of customers'personalized products according to clients'personalized products according to clients' requirements. We also provide OEM service, we are very willingto accept all orders to be customized.

When it comes to locks, I believe many people will think of locks, car locks, safe locks and other locks we can generally access. In fact, a safety lock is more than a safety lock. It is also the technical term for an industrial security necessity. The word "safety lock" is very popular in foreign countries, called loto, which is a link of the locking and listing procedure. It is mainly used in large enterprises, industrial machinery and other aspects, to protect important equipment such as mechanical switch, air valve and prevent tragic events.

However, security locks are temporarily not popular at home, but in foreign countries is very popular. Why?

1. Foreign laws and regulations clearly stipulate that large industrial enterprises must use safety locks to ensure the safety of enterprises. It can also be said that foreign countries pay more attention to industrial safety than we do.

2. Compared with domestic manufacturers, there are fewer foreign manufacturers. After all, China is known as the world's largest manufacturer.

However, I believe that industrial safety norms are the trend of our country in the future. With the rapid development of industry, more and more attention will be paid to safety, and there will definitely be more laws and regulations in the future. Of course, more people will be familiar with security locks.

The valve lock is mainly used to lock the valve and protect the safety of the valve.

What the valve lock does: the valve lock is a class of industrial safety locks designed to ensure that valve equipment is absolutely closed and safe. Using a lock prevents the device from accidentally starting, causing injury or death. Another purpose is to serve as a warning.