Adjustable Gate Valve Lockout

Product Details

Type No.: AGVL01 

Adjustable Gate Valve Lockout
PP valve safety lockout
Ourvalve safety lockout is ideal for lockout valve handle sizes from 1" to 6-1/2". It's plastic gate valve lockout, and resistant to cracking and abrasion extreme weather and temperature condition. The adjustable gate valve lockout is made of durable polypropylene.This adjustable gate valve lockout can be covered and rotated freely around valve wheel, and adjustable to fit a range of valve handles.

  1. It's resistant to extreme temperature changes from -20 degree to 80 degree.

  2. This gave valve lockout have to be used together with padlock or hasp.

  3. The pp valve safety lockout with a compact design, easy to carry and store.

  4. Comes with danger labels in English. Other language and design can be custom made.

  5.  Colors can be customized.

Type No.



Suitable for valve handle 1" to 6 1/2" in diameter

People-oriented, safety first, it must not be seen as a mysterious propaganda slogan, or as a flashy security concept. However, every production design, production process, technical operation and other aspects should be people-oriented to ensure safety first. To ensure the safety of human life has become the most important issue for our enterprises to bear the brunt of consideration and solution. To put people first, implement and promote the concept of "safety first", we must start from the transformation of people, because every safety detail is completed by people. Man is the safest and most dangerous element in the transformation of nature. If people can set out from the people-oriented height, respect for self-life, respect for the lives of others, life safety will be guaranteed, safety first concept will be implemented.         

Subway station foundation pit collapse accident

Accident background

In 2008, the west side of the foundation pit in the north 2 of xianghu station of subway line 1 went down, causing the foundation pit foundation to be unstable and the continuous wall on the west side to fracture, resulting in the collapse of the foundation pit. The collapse length was about 75m. After the east river water and the sewage under the west qingqing avenue and the tap water pipe burst, a large amount of water gushed into the foundation pit immediately, with a depth of 9m. The accident resulted in 21 deaths, 4 serious injuries and 20 minor injuries, with a direct economic loss of 49.61 million yuan.

Cause analysis,

Xianghu lake, station north 2 foundation pit collapse is due to participate in the project construction and management of construction, design, survey, monitoring, supervision and the owner (5 + monitor) and so on some serious flaws and problems existing in the related work, didn't get due attention and active prevention rectification, factors combination eventually led to the accident, is a major liability accident.

After the establishment of the project management department, the manager and chief engineer of the project department will change at will. The project manager will be absent for a long time. Site construction workers without qualification training, no construction worker qualification certificate; Labor organization management and site construction management chaos, employee safety education implementation is not in place.

Revelation and reflection

The accident exposed five aspects of problems: first, the enterprise production safety responsibility is not implemented, management is not in place; Second, is not resolute, not timely, not completely to the accident hidden danger control; Third, the safety technology training for construction personnel is a mere formality, even without training on the post; Fourth, labor management is not standardized, site management chaos; Fifth, the local government departments concerned failed to supervise. This is an accident, the disappearance of 21 lives are all warning us: safety responsibility is more important than mount tai, safety in production and human life!