Large Butterfly Valve Lockout

Large Butterfly Valve Lockout

The unviersal small valve lockout is made of indutrial-grade steel and nylon, with rugged durability and anti chemical and corrosition.


Part No.: BVL01

Butterfly Valve Lockout

a) Made from ABS.

b) Good chemical property, resistant to oil stains and chemical product corrosion.

c) Can be covered and rotated freely around valve wheels and adjustable to fit all ranges of valves handles.


Part No.



Suitable for valve handle from 8mm to 45mm


Energy identification and isolation

Common isolation methods

Remove pipe blind plate

Double partition valve plus diller

Close individual valve

High point emptying, low point emptying

Cut off the power supply

Perform pipeline/equipment isolation

Pipeline/equipment opening safety management

Electrical isolation implementation of electrical industry standards and regulations


Common energy isolation work

Electrification, entering into limited space, dismantling and other operations in tower, tank, kettle (and various containers), heat exchanger, pump and other facilities;

High pressure job

Operations requiring temporary shutdown of safety systems

Operations on equipment containing radioactive sources... These non-process maintenance and commissioning operations need to be locked/shingled for energy isolation.

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