Safety Butterfly Valve Lock Out Lockout For Handle

Safety Butterfly Valve Lock Out Lockout For Handle
Product Details

Part No.: BVL01

Butterfly Valve Lockout

a) Made from ABS.

b) Good chemical property, resistant to oil stains and chemical product corrosion.

c) Can be covered and rotated freely around valve wheels and adjustable to fit all ranges of valves handles.


Part No.



Suitable for valve handle from 8mm to 45mm


Application of Loto scheme

This standard applies to, but is not limited to, activities performed on a machine, device, process, or circuit.

Primary, secondary, stored or separate energy sources need to be locked during service and maintenance. Service and maintenance definition: maintenance, preventive maintenance, improvement and installation activities for machines, equipment, processes and circuits. These activities require machines, equipment, processes or circuits, or their components, to be in a "zero energy state." The personnel performing these activities must use the Lockout tagout protocol. When the Lockout tagout of the machine, equipment, and flow line is not available, an alternative method should be used.

All storage energy must be controlled to ensure the complete safety of the machine.

The following is a list of typical activities that apply energy control procedures:

Build - install - build - repair - adjust

Check - open - assemble - find and resolve faults - test

Cleaning - removal - maintenance - maintenance - lubrication

Alternatives can be used when:

LOTO is not feasible

The work behavior is routine, repetitive, and integrated with the production process.

Minor modification and adjustment of tools, assembly, opening and parts;

No LOTO alternatives are scheduled for the task;

Task specific training is not provided.

Lockout tagout may be dispensed with equipment with a wired plug for a single power source when the plug is disconnected and the authorized person has exclusive control over the cut-off of the power source.