Large Universal Valve Lockout

Large Universal Valve Lockout
Product Details

Part No: UVL04-Plus

Scope: For all type standard valves

Material: Nylon+S304

Unit: Piece

Weight: 255g

Part No.: UVL04-Plus

Large Universal Valve Lockout Base with Plus clamp

a) Made from industrial grade steel and nylon.

b) This industrial valve lockout is a modular system which enables you to lock out valves of different types and sizes. Such as large levers of valves, T-handles and other hard-to-secure mechanical devices.

c) No other device offers such flexibility and security.

d) Max handle width 40mm (handle max thickness 45mm).

Part No.



With 1 arm –For quarter-turn ball valves


With 2 arm – For 3, 4 or 5-way valves, or to lock valves in the “on”, “off”, or “throttled” position.


With coated cable – Using cable attachment for gate valves


Base Clamp only – For butterfly valves


With 1 arm & coated cable – Universal valve lockout for most valves


Handle max thickness 45mm

Comply with OSHA regulations

The U.S. department of labor's Occupational Safety and Health administration, known as the Occupational Safety and Health Association, was established in 1971 and is responsible for releasing Occupational Safety and Health standards. To protect the health and safety of American workers. Compliance with OSHA standard can effectively protect workers' life safety and health. So far, it has reduced deaths and injuries by 60 percent for American companies that use the program.

Adopted by most industries

Improve productivity and minimize equipment downtime

Lockout/tagout products can save lives and reduce costs!

About 10 percent of all industrial accidents are caused by the failure to properly control hazardous power sources. According to U.S. OSHA data. About 250,000 accidents are linked to it each year. Of these, 50,000 were injured and more than 100 were fatal.

Studies show that the power source control plan can reduce the casualty rate by 25%~50%!

OSHA is currently counting lockout/tagout

OSHA is stepping up its investigation and statistics in view of the serious risks posed to employees by hazardous power sources. In fact, the lockout/tagout standard has become the most frequently used OSHA regulation by manufacturers. OSHA's fines can range from hundreds of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.


According to the statistical average, non-fatal industrial accidents will bring more than 30,000 dollars of direct and indirect medical expenses to the factory. In case of fatal accidents, this cost may be as high as more than one million dollars!

Fines in civil lawsuits can often run into millions of dollars!

In such accidents, not only the workers but also the equipment and machinery may be damaged. There are times when productivity declines due to costly maintenance and lengthy downtime.

For employers who are able to effectively implement a lockout/tagout program, many insurance companies offer preferential premiums, saving them a lot of insurance costs!